by on August 7, 2018
<br>I have been so late in posting about MPB day 2012. It happened over 6 weeks ago. Shame on me. Hubby went to select up some pet food the other day and Stephanie <a href="">Valentino Shoes Sale</a> requested about it. Heck it is nearly time for next yr. In case any of you prefer to to affix us subsequent year, it can save you the date today, it will likely be Sat. August 10th. <a href="">Discount Valentino Women Shoes</a> Be there or be Square.<br>
<br>I began off the day brilliant and early and arrived in NYC at 9:00 am...after which promptly got lost. One incorrect flip and woops I used to be a goner. I found a parking lot and asked the good Indian man the place the Chelsea Flea Market was, but did not get far. I used to be starting to get a migraine and his phrases sounded one thing like Charlie Brown's trainer, blah, blah, blah.<br>
<br>There was a park close by and I believed it may be part of the Chelsea Flea Market. <a href="">cheap valentino shoes</a> Let me back observe. My trouble actually started when Peter gave me the instructions to meet him at something like "the southwest corner" of 7th avenue". I wouldn't know the southwest nook of my own hand. How the hell am I alleged to know the southwest corner of a avenue in NYC? Really I kid you not. Directions like that instantly ship my brain into a tunnel that there isn't any return from. Never. I feel it continues to be hiding there and hoping no one will ever mention the 'southwest corner' of anything ever again. My brain doesn't DO instructions. Now consider it with a migraine and shortly to be flooded with a whopper of serious migraine drugs and whoooa. I am stunned I ever made it out of NYC.<br>
<br>Anyway, I gave up on finding the Chelsea Flea Market...and went straight to the Style Institute where Peter, God bless his soul, had advised us to meet him at this sculpture. This I can DO!!!!!!!!<br>
Here we all are!
<br>At the Fashion Institute we saw an exhibit of designers from A-Z. There was no real cohesiveness to the gathering, but it was wonderful to see a real Chanel, <a href="">cheap valentino shoes</a>, and Francesco Scognamiglio.<br>
<br>While viewing these wonderful one in all a form garments, a number of of us (I do not assume I did it)... set the alarms off.
"Keep your hands at your sides at all times. No touching the garments. Keep your arms at your sides at all times". "however, however, but...they're so close...look ma, you'll be able to attain out and touch them." There was a nice guard who simply politely smiled at us every time we set the alarm off. (grin).<br>
Quickly we have been off to have lunch at the Brown Cup. I do not know why I am sticking my tongue out!!!
<br>Appears to be like like I was in the mood to make humorous faces.<br>
<br>At lunch, I used to be able to additionally lastly meet, Peters associate Michael. I am not exactly positive how it all happened, but we have now turn into quick mates, and i wouldn't have it any other manner.
We even appear to be we coordinated our outfits.<br>
<br>And assembly Peter, what can I say, I have laughed and cried while studying his weblog.
He has made me smile on days I didn't think I had a smile in me. I like the man.
I want I may have spent more time with them, nevertheless it was simply not in the cards that day.<br>
And now off to do what we came here visit the garment district.
<br>Just minutes after getting into "Temper" somebody, unsure who, phoned Peter and stated there was a commotion exterior Mood, as in gunfire, and to stay inside.God bless Peter for a second time. He gathered us and told us to stay inside as one thing untoward was occurring out the doorways of Temper. An hour or so later when we gathered our wits about us and made our way exterior we discovered about 30 or more police vehicles, miles of police tape, 50 or extra officers. Peter would not let us (me) stop and be a part of the gaggle of onlookers.<br>
<br>Later we discovered that a man had come at a police officer with a knife and the officer shot and... properly guess the rest.<br>
<br>I'm a bit ungrounded on a superb day...add NYC (I'm a complete lot nation), a migraine, migraine drugs (three different kinds) and the pure pleasure of finally assembly PETER and properly....I was greater than a bit ungrounded, the song "Fly Me to the Moon" might be heard popping out of my navel. Peter was afraid that I might get lost, so God bless him for a third time, he wrote a be aware that I may give to a pleasant New Yorker in case I received misplaced to tell them the place I used to be supposed to fulfill him.<br>
<br>I solely bought one piece of fabric all day, and i love it. So distinctive and particular. It's a very gentle peach coloured chiffon and was $15.00 a yard. I bought 2 yards. Here I'm modeling it in Bryant Park.<br>
<br>I'm going to underline it with a silk satin. This could also be my first draping mission. I sure want a certain someone would ask me to marry him. I think it would be a nifty wedding gown.<br>
<br>How's this for a lovely picture. This is what occurs when your face hits the tread of a treadmill. It's even worse now as the scab retains getting darker and darker.<br>